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COVID Conscious Holiday Activities

COVID-19 Conscious Holiday Activities in Maine The holiday season this year will look a little bit different for everyone this year, but that doesn’t mean your family has to compromise their holiday spirit! While remaining safe and socially distant is of utmost importance, there are plenty of activities to do in Maine this winter. Here’s…

Wet Your Whistle with this Warming Winter Beverage

Tis the season for holiday parties, which also means lots of holiday beverages, and we’ve got a tasty, new recipe for you to try! Our friends at Captain Jefferd’s Inn in Kennebunkport were recently featured on our “Prelude” festive Happy Hour Tour and were kind enough to share their family recipe for Swedish Glogg with…

Where to Get a Lobster Roll When You Visit Portland, Maine

lobster roll

While there is much debate regarding the origins of the first lobster roll, there’s no denying it’s popularity, or that it’s synonymous with Maine. For those folks who want to try one of the highly-coveted crimson crustaceans, but doesn’t want all the work of cleaning and eating a whole lobster, this is a tasty alternative….

7 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Everything in moderation, right? Satisfying your sweet tooth falls in this category, and we’ve picked 7 ways for you to explore the candy side of our local culinary scene. Dean Bingham of Dean’s Sweets was formerly an architect, hand-dipping chocolates was just something he did in his spare time for friends and family. It wasn’t until years later that he went from dabbling…

6 Ways to Drink Maine Craft Beer

Craft Cocktails, Ales

Historically Maine has been known as a haven for seafood lovers and outdoor adventures. It’s only in recent years, as the states craft beer industry has grown exponentially, that Maine has also become a travel destination for beer enthusiasts. Now boasting over 90 breweries and brew pubs (with more on the way), we regularly hear visitors asking where they…

The Best of Maine Food & Drink and Why Farm-to-Fork Matters

oyster catching

Kudos to Down East Magazine for another great “Best of Maine Food & Drink 2017” issue. What I love most is that they ask the reader’s what their top choices are. While I won’t list them all, there were some that I thought you might appreciate hearing about this week. Best Burger – Five Guys Best Donut – Holy Donut (although newly opened HiFi at…

Buy Local and Discovering Thompson’s Point


Maine is one of several states in these United States with a low population and just one lone area code; 1.33 million people living in 35,385 square miles. Come summer, our numbers grow by leaps and bounds with visitors and snowbirds, the term for our fair weather folk who visit us between Memorial Day and Columbus…

Food Events and Tours, Vietnamese, and the Lobster Roll

Lunchtime Culinary Tour

Outdoor events in the summer in Maine are a very pleasant experience and the weather cooperates most of the time; you can almost always count on lower temperatures and a light breeze. If you are forced inside due to a summer shower, it’s usually brief and with it, comes sweet relief. A Bastille Day Dinner is being hosted…