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Portland: Progressive Dinner

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Enjoy an Exclusive Dinner Experience

This is an entertaining and delicious journey to three amazing restaurants and/or collaborative spots for appetizers, drinks, dinner and dessert. We’re dining with the locals, learning about the chefs, staff and owners while enjoying some of Portland’s award-winning culinary culture. Locations visited are amongst the newest and hip, favorites with locals and the truly unique.

This evenings activities are designed to taste and imbibe at some of MFT’s favorites. We’ll escort you to to sample savory appetizers and craft beverages, entrees and dessert in the natural progression of dining. Along the way, your guide will share lots of local facts as well as some of today’s exciting culinary news and history of the area.

Small parties allow for lots of Q&A with our talented guides who are always happy to share their knowledge and tips. This is sure to be a tasty and “edutaining” night!

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