Gift Cards

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Maine Foodie Tour Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for the food lover in your life!

1. Select a dollar amount: $75 for 1, $150 for 2 lucky recipients and so on. This will cover basic costs for all our tours in all locations and will not expire.

2. Decide whether to email the gift card to yourself or your recipient.  It will be emailed to them or you right away.

3. Include a special note if you wish before checking out.

If you prefer a printed gift certificate, select this option. For an additional $1.00, we will print and mail to the address provided.

You’re done.

When your food lover is ready redeem to join a tour, they may simply enter their gift code and book the tour of their choice online or they may call us to discuss their options. Either way, we will make sure your recipient has a fun, educational and tasty time with us!

For 2019, your guests may join us for all sorts of tours when visiting one of their favorite seacoast towns: Portland and Boothbay are year-round, and Bar Harbor, Kennebunkport, Camden and Rockland will open up for Summer.

We look forward to taking the food lovers in your life out for some tasty fun!