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Maine Foodie Tours represents an amalgam of Pam’s passions. Always up for a great meal, she loves finding new restaurants, learning about up-and-coming chefs, pairing food and wine, gathering fun-loving groups of people together, and of course, as a born educator, sharing her knowledge with others. It has been a ten-year love-fest with the local Maine food scene, learning about dishes indigenous to this region and watching the creative culinary artistry grow in every direction. She is eager to share this information with guests on her tours and train new tour guides on the splendor of it all.

“I have so much respect for the resourcefulness of Mainers,” Pam says. “Whether it’s an old family recipe handed down from generation to generation, or a new way of presenting and serving one of our state’s staple crops, I’m just constantly amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of Maine artisans, cooks, brewers, distillers, bakers and chefs.”

Pam’s new goal in life is to have as much fun as possible, and surround herself with others who also don’t take themselves too seriously. The Maine Foodie Tours venture has been a delightful- and tasty- sojourn into the history and culture of Maine, a state that seems to continually reveal new and delicious offerings to adventurous and fun-loving foodies.


Chuck is a self-described explorer originally from Syracuse, New York who has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and the United States for business and pleasure. His traveling began as a teenager and has always provided the motivation to learn more about places and cultures. These travels have ranged from life out of a backpack as a student to 5-star hotels and restaurants as an international business person.

Discovering the distinctions between the people, philosophy and food of these countries opened his eyes beyond the familiar menus found in the Chinese and Italian restaurants of his home town. He learned that not only is Chinese food different from Korean food, it is different from province to province and from Hong Kong to Tai Pei. He feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience the many cuisines of 3 continents so far….

Chuck and his wife permanently moved to Portland after repeated trips over a 20 year period could not satisfy their love for Maine. They originally came to Maine for the mountains to ski and hike and then the islands of Casco Bay for boating and golfing. When it was time to move from metro NYC, they considered many places and their choice always came back to Portland.

Chuck has a passion for food, music and recreation, and Portland fits the bill. Portland is now his source for inspiration and exploring. It is a city filled with interesting people living passionate lives and pursuing their dreams. It is truly a city where you can express yourself and count on the support of the community. Chuck plans to stay here a long time and shares his interests and tips with you on his tours.


I was born and raised in Massachusetts, receiving my degree in Psychology from University of Lowell, where I also studied music. As a vocalist and clarinetist I’ve performed for many years in choral, solo, instrumental and theater venues.

I worked in many areas of the mental health/human services field for over two decades until 2004, when I switched to commercial driving and drove a passenger bus for 8 years. I am a “jack of all trades and master of some,” having worked in diverse capacities, from roller coaster operation to museum work to animal shelter volunteer. I love nature and the outdoors, especially hiking and kayaking. I practice yoga and fine art photography, and I am a self-proclaimed foodie, and a proud Pescatarian.

I moved to Maine in 1992 and love all things Portland. It is special here. I thrive on sharing my knowledge and appreciation of our fine City: its scope and diversity, and emergence as a cultural hot spot for our region. Allow me to share my passion and experience with you, and to be filled by yours.


She’s a nerd
Passionate about words
In all of their forms
From mundane to absurd
Lyrics, novels, poetry
Riddles, puzzles, repartee
Splashing in puddles
Climbing in trees
An easy summer ocean breeze
Game and craft nights, sun showers
People watching, happy hours
The road less travelled
The known highway
Map or compass, either way
Violins and acoustic guitars
Karaoke and locals bars
Red wines and dark, craft beer
Ethnic dining, good cheer


Ross – Portland Foodie Tour and History Tour Guide 

Referred to by his family as a “fuzzy foreigner”, Ross grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, fell in love with a woman from Boston, and has been in Maine raising his family for over 20 years now. He loves Maine and loves his job as a tour guide, both for the interaction with new people it affords him (don’t be surprised to get as many questions as you ask) and the constant exploration he is always making of the many intricate and fascinating links between his adopted state and his homeland. He also loves the hard questions that he gets from his guests that lead him to learn new things. He sings every chance he gets during his tours (jury is still out whether that’s a good thing or not). When he’s not on a tour and it’s not snowy enough for skiing, he can usually be found somewhere in the state neck-deep in the ocean or a lake. In this he considers himself like every other Mainer- the cold water doesn’t bother him, and you’ll find him in shorts well into the winters. 

When asked who he would be if he could be anyone in the history of Maine, Ross chose James Bacon Curtis, a peculiar Maine figure who made a million bucks with America’s first chewing gum factory, which was located in the Hub Furniture Store across from Fore-Street Restaurant. Anybody can make money, but how many people invent chewing gum?!


When not at work, Pat has traveled extensively to study world cuisines, and she has enjoyed training in France, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco and Turkey. She also spends spare time at various cooking schools, including her favorite, Tante Marie in the San Francisco Bay area.

If Pat is your guide, you may ask her any food and cooking questions you like! If she doesn’t know the answer, which is doubtful, she will collect your contact information and get back to you. Ever a teacher and true foodie, Pat’s tours offer an interactive occasion to make new friends and learn a lot!


Randy, one of our original guides and a native Maineiac, has had a long and ardent love affair with one of our state’s most delicious agricultural bounties – wild blueberries. He recalls fondly handpicking his first cupful some five decades ago in his hometown of Mexico, Maine. He has remained true to these antioxidant wonders of nature and still enjoys them on a daily basis, blending them into refreshing smoothies or incorporating them into various gourmet recipes.

Since 1974, Randy toured Maine and New England with his original one man, multi-character variety show for small and large theaters, conventions, schools and civic organizations.

After teaching stints with Ringling Brothers, Tri-Star Pictures, The Julliard School of Drama, and Circus of the Stars, Randy founded the Maine Hysterical Society, a comedy trio touted as “the best variety comedy act in New England.” Their portrayals of eccentric Downeast characters and comical songs keep their audiences in stitches. Most recently the group participated in The Humor Project’s 52nd International Conference on The Positive Power of Humor & Creativity, and performed with Lucie Arnaz at Birdland, New York City’s legendary jazz club.

Among his most notable accomplishments, Randy ran in the very popular Beach to Beacon 10k Road Race here in Cape Elizabeth while juggling three balls the entire 6.2 miles. He finished the race in under an hour, and he didn’t drop a ball!
Randy has many favorite restaurants here in Portland and particularly enjoys dining at someplace new every month. He’s absolutely addicted to the Cajeta from Horton’s cheese shop.

a man wearing a hat

Mike Liff; history buff, tour guide, and cocktail connoisseur. Mike knows his way around a city and has inhabited several over the years during his background in advertising and television station management. He and his wife visited Portland and fell in love with the convenience, as well as the fact that a good beer or Bloody Mary is always (quite literally) around the corner. They moved to Portland and haven’t looked back. Mike enjoys the significant history as well as the variety of fantastic dining the city has to offer, which he reflects on during his tours. When asked who he would be if he could be anyone in the history of Maine, he chose Joshua Chamberlain, one of Maine’s most significant and educated individuals. A statue of Chamberlain can be found in front of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, as he was legendary in Maine’s history.  He served our country leading Union troops to victory, despite many injuries, during the Battle at Gettysburg, taught as  Professor of Rhetoric and Modern Languages at Bowdoin College, and elected to serve four terms as Maine’s Governor. 

Mike loves basketball, various board games, and reading. He especially enjoys reading historical novels and novels written by authors who use Portland as a setting for their stories, with two of his favorite authors being Bruce Robert Coffins and Paul Doiron. Both of these authors have written extensive crime-fiction series which capitalize on Portland’s unique flair. 

Mike loves to entertain and educate, which makes him a natural guide for Maine History Tours.  He has extensive knowledge to share about the history, culture and arts in Portland. He loves to chat with his guests, and always makes sure that they leave knowing a whole lot of  something new. 

Dennis – Portland History Tour Guide

Dennis was raised in the central part of New Jersey, near the ocean. He attended college in the midwest, but the ocean always held a special place in his heart. After several trips to Maine, he finally had the chance to move to Portland, and took it. He’s been in Portland for twenty-three years now, and realized that loving where you are is just as important as having a good job and a great family. One of Dennis’s favorite parts about being a tour guide is sharing his love of Maine with his guests, as well as hearing about where they’re from. He also loves watching his guests discover the magic of Portland and all it has to offer. When he’s not on tour, Dennis can be found gardening, baking, playing guitar, bowling, skiing, or cooking up a mean veggie chili. 

When asked who he would be if he could be anybody in the history of Maine, Dennis chose Joshua Chamberlain. Dennis researched the history of Joshua Chamberlain while writing tour scripts, and admired his prestigious education, principles, and how he overcame many obstacles in his life while also socializing with several insightful and creative individuals along the way. 

Barbara – Boothbay Tour Guide 

Barbara is an outgoing, goal-focused, cup-half-full kinda gal from Scarsdale, New York. As a child, she visited her family in Boothbay Harbor during the summers, which created a long-lasting love for the coast and for Maine’s scenery. Barbara graduated from The University of West Florida in 1984, and has since worked in a variety of different careers, including marketing and management. Barbara is quite the traveller, and due to her previous work has travelled all over the place, but the simplicity and beauty of Maine has always resonated with her soul and kept her coming back for more! Barbara enjoys several hobbies, including running, reading, baking, boating, Hospice volunteer work, and walking the various Boothbay Region Land Trust properties. She also has two Golden Retrievers – Grace and Jenni, that take up a lot of her time. Even though her husband does most of the cooking, Barbara is known near and far, North and South, as “The Cookie Lady” by all of her neighbors, as she loves to make and share all kinds of cookies. Barbara’s favorite part about being a tour guide is her love of Boothbay and all it has to offer – nature, talented people, various types of arts…and of course, the amazing food and drinks! She also loves sharing as much information as she can with her guests so that they can fall in love with the area too! 

When asked who she would be if she could be anyone in the history of Maine and why, Barbara first gravitated towards Joan Benoit, due to her dedication to running and opening doors for other dedicated female runners. Her second answer would be Milton Bradley of Vienna, Maine, the creator of the board game!